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100% Crepe de Chine silk scarf in black, white and gray, featuring abstract shapes.  Size: 14" x 59" (36 cm x 150 cm).

The scarf is 100% silk, with hand-rolled hems. The dyes are non-toxic and have been steam set for permanence. The rich colors blend with the fabric, giving the silk soft and luxurious look and feel.

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Freezing cold outside

  After an extremely mild/ Thanksgiving (very warm, indeed) we are having freezing cold weather today in Colorado Springs. It is 6 am now and it is 6*F (that will be -14.5*C) but school districts are reported to "operate normally". Snow is not an issue - it has barely covered the ground and is more of an ice problem. The cold is the issue.

I find it a bit hypocritical - after all the tips how to keep our kids healthy in the cold season...


Our daughter is wearing glasses

Our eight-year-old daughter complained two weeks ago that she could not stand it any longer. “What, sweetie?’, we asked in astonishment. “I can’t see well; I have to squint my eyes all the time so I can see things; I have a headache; I can't live like that…”

Have we talked about that earlier? Of course not. ...


Our son is drawing nude figures (which seems to be more intriguing to us than to him)

   I was looking at Kal’s graphic drawings of nude figures the other day. A couple of months ago he attended an adult art class for drawing the human body. He has always been drawing with passion and love, no matter what he sets his eyes on. So, this time it was naked models. Not bad for a 14-year-old artist...

Happy Mother’s Day!

I felt like an idiot today. Why? A long(er) story...

Our son was supposed to do some chores last night while also taking care of his sister. His sister has not been very well in the last couple of days so he was supposed to take care of her while we were away for two hours (and also do his chores). Too much for a teenager?


My daughter and me

My daughter thinks I am a “fully developed person”. How nice of her. And she wants to be ME when she grows up. Not resembling me, or looking something vaguely close to me. She wants to be exactly me (the person that I am not very sure I would like to be myself sometimes). I am lost here...

Business person or/and mom? –I believe I managed to turn the “or” into an “and”

I consider that article as kind of a continuation to my previous one….. Trying to combine being a mom, a wife and a business partner has often made me feel I badly needed some kind of a special training for doing all that simultaneously. Why isn’t there any school for parents? It might be so helpful in moments.

I spent my initial year of my busy life as a working mom filled up to the brim with guilty conscience. I radiated guilt. ...

The secret diary of a second grader

Our seven-and-half-year-old daughter keeps a secret diary. She writes each day her personal thoughts and feelings in it.

Well, a diary is a diary. That means it should be a secret thing. She shared her feelings to that small notebook, covered in pink (what other color?!). So far so good. But now she wants me to read it. ...