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Interested in a warmer scarf for the colder days? - Check this brand new Brown Silk and Wool Hand Painted Scarf

It is a lovely warm silk-and-wool blend scarf in hues of brown, burgundy and orange, with some very thin metallic accents. Size: 13" x 71" (33 cm x 178 cm).

The silk/wool blend scarf is warmer for winter than just plain silk, and has a soft touch, especially for those who get irritated by itchy woolen scarves. The size is perfect as it allows better wrapping around the neck for warmth.

The scarf is 63% silk/37% wool blend scarf, with hand-rolled hems. The dyes are non-toxic and have been steam set for permanence. More photos -

If you are interested in purchasing this silk scarf, you can do that by clicking here and visiting my Etsy shop. ...


I am so happy being busy painting silk scarves...

I feel some guilt for not having written here, in my old blog, for quite some time now. But I have been so happy being busy painting silk scarves. The process of creating them  makes me feel truly great. Seeing the end result is so rewarding, and getting the positive feedback from my scarves' new owners is just a bliss.

I have always wanted to create beautiful things when I grow up. So, I feel grown up now. In a very satisfying way.

I have created a page on Facebook about my scarves: I post photos of my latest scarves there, information, inspirations, anything...

Fell free come and join it, if you feel this would be something interesting for you.  


Starbucks goes green getting rid of their paper cups... But I dream of getting rid of all spam paper mail instead.


Starbucks launched their green approach project to a more eco-friendly business: “The Big Picture – A Green Project”, encouraging consumers to use their own reusable coffee mugs as an alternative to the so familiar paper cups.

So, saving the forests, eh? Sounds great and yet not so much... Why? Because I spent my weekend going through a pile of mail I had collected in the past couple of weeks, trying to get rid of some hundreds of spam mail items... ...

Our son won Kal 1st place in an art contest!

I feel so happy!- our son Kal won first place in the 10th graders' group at the Colorado section of the 2010 Junior Duck Stamp Contest. This is his fifth year of participation and his third 1st place award.

Among the 1st through 3rd place awards, Kal is the only representative of Colorado Springs. This makes him very proud...


Can we tell the difference between reckless driving and real car problems?

This morning I was driving my son to school at 6.45 am. Pretty early indeed, and most people driving around were obviously heading for work, not for pleasure.

Then, a new Toyota Camry decided not to yield to me, popping out of a crossing. Yield signs obviously do not count anymore, moreover Toyota drivers are being shielded by "car issues" now. The driver rushed right in front of me, never bothering to even look at me. She was on the phone, as drivers around usually are...

I drive a Toyota myself, and I love it. But I am thinking: How convenient is it now for Toyota drivers to get as arrogant as possible these days and blame anything that might happen on "unintended acceleration" problem??? This is getting crazy indeed...

avatar is up and running!

I am finally ready with the release of my new venture website:!

It is an online gallery with e-commerce capability.

The website presents the silk scarf designs I have painted in the last few months. I love each and every one of the scarves I did and I feel really proud.

I am also designing and producing silk scarf accessories that help tying scarves up in unique style - you can see them on the website.



Drive safely! Not only during the holidays - drive safely every single day

I am following the news this morning about the major accident that happened about an hour ago on I-25. According to the news, at least one person has died. How tragic. Each time we are sending a loved one on the road we automatically say, "Drive safely!"

I came across this heart-breaking video, an ad of the Australian TV in the fight to prevent drink driving. Shocking video, mind you. I cried my heart out watching it. My husband and I are considering a thoughtful way to show it to our own son at some point. ...


Freezing cold outside

  After an extremely mild/ Thanksgiving (very warm, indeed) we are having freezing cold weather today in Colorado Springs. It is 6 am now and it is 6*F (that will be -14.5*C) but school districts are reported to "operate normally". Snow is not an issue - it has barely covered the ground and is more of an ice problem. The cold is the issue.

I find it a bit hypocritical - after all the tips how to keep our kids healthy in the cold season...


Cottonwood Center for Arts has their 12th Annual Student Art Show - October 22, Thursday

This is an interesting exhibitions for art fans to go to. Of course, I am sooo biased as our son Kal is participating.

The red graphics on the thumbnail is Kal's. So, if you decide to go to the exhibition, you will see some really good art works there ....


Can a store afford sending away loyal customers due to inability to stop shoplifting? Weren’t we having hard times with the bad economy? Wasn’t every customer supposed to be precious? Obviously not…

We are having a party of 20 people scheduled for the weekend - so we hit the local Springs Liquor Outlet (North Carefree and Tutt, in Colorado Springs) last night just to find that it has imposed a No-Purse Policy.  Very annoying.

And it is a real shame that stores treat loyal customers as equal to shoplifters. So, women should carry everything in their hands: wallet, car keys, cell phone, tissues, medication...