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I am so happy being busy painting silk scarves...

I feel some guilt for not having written here, in my old blog, for quite some time now. But I have been so happy being busy painting silk scarves. The process of creating them  makes me feel truly great. Seeing the end result is so rewarding, and getting the positive feedback from my scarves' new owners is just a bliss.

I have always wanted to create beautiful things when I grow up. So, I feel grown up now. In a very satisfying way.

I have created a page on Facebook about my scarves: I post photos of my latest scarves there, information, inspirations, anything...

Fell free come and join it, if you feel this would be something interesting for you.  


Steal vs. Splurge– Part 2: Buying furniture for our new office

   So far so good with the wall paint. Now we come to the point of finding the right furnishing for most of these walls - cabinets that should match the spaces and the whole color scheme rather than looking like patches placed here and there.  We are very much tempted to go for “cussstomizzzed”  furniture as the spaces are far from standard in size and shape, moreover we have small hope that off-the-shelf pieces will work at ...

Steal vs. Splurge – Part 1: Buying paint for office walls

   I am an ardent advocate of stealing.  No, no, not in the sense of taking somebody else’s belongings. No. I love “stealing” as the opposite option to “splurging”. George and I did quite good mixing these two on several occasions. We did that while we finished the three condos we own, totally all different from one another in size and functionality; but we are most happy that we did good and we acted wise ...

Business person or/and mom? –I believe I managed to turn the “or” into an “and”

I consider that article as kind of a continuation to my previous one….. Trying to combine being a mom, a wife and a business partner has often made me feel I badly needed some kind of a special training for doing all that simultaneously. Why isn’t there any school for parents? It might be so helpful in moments.

I spent my initial year of my busy life as a working mom filled up to the brim with guilty conscience. I radiated guilt. ...

“Being entrepreneur’s wife? – No, thank you!”, a lady I knew once said

Being an entrepreneur’s wife has never been a dream come true to me. But it certainly is my everyday challenge. When my husband and I started our software business together, we had no clear strategy how we were going to take care of all the stuff outside the realm of business. But quite soon some underwater cliffs started causing trouble in paradise… 

Bootstrapping the Münchhausen way

Looking at all opportunities that startup companies have everywhere around the world makes me feel envious. Very envious.

Starting our own company in Bulgaria back in 1995, only some six years after the fall of communism there, was quite an experience. I would love to make you actually “feel” the reality we had to deal with then, but I am having only words at hand. ...

How our family tandem of husband and wife started our first business together

Starting a business in a post-communist Eastern European country (i.e. Bulgaria) has never been an easy task. It is quite challenging, actually. Entrepreneurs have to deal with the clumsy, not-business-friendly, bureaucratic machine and to find their way through a dense jungle of highly corrupted structures. Before  moving to the States three and half years ago, that was the only kind of business environment my husband George and I ever kne...