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avatar is up and running!

I am finally ready with the release of my new venture website:!

It is an online gallery with e-commerce capability.

The website presents the silk scarf designs I have painted in the last few months. I love each and every one of the scarves I did and I feel really proud.

I am also designing and producing silk scarf accessories that help tying scarves up in unique style - you can see them on the website.



We are proud parents of two artists!!!

   We have received email from the Colorado coordinator, Seth Beres, that our son Kal is among the twelve young Colorado artists that are first-place winners at the 2009 Junior Duck Stamp contest. Winners are one for each age category (1-12 grade).

Kal is the 9-grade winner and, being the only one from Colorado Springs among these 12 winners, we consider this prize an honor not only for himself and his family but also for his city...

The secret diary of a second grader

Our seven-and-half-year-old daughter keeps a secret diary. She writes each day her personal thoughts and feelings in it.

Well, a diary is a diary. That means it should be a secret thing. She shared her feelings to that small notebook, covered in pink (what other color?!). So far so good. But now she wants me to read it. ...


Hammy and Troy

Hammy was not happy with Troy’s arrival. Not at all. He was bitterly disappointed and obviously acted betrayed. As if he was not enough to us, so we ended up with that stupid dog. And the dog is not even eating nuts, like a normal animal would do.


Colorado Springs: why i like it! Statistics and personal feelings

I drove my daughter to school today.  She never misses to say “What a beautiful day it is today, Mom. So sunny and bright!”. Yes, it is. And we usually have this same small chat almost every day.

I have never seen a climate like the one we have in Colorado Springs. It is so mild and sunny all the time. ...

Having two homes in two parts of the world – how global of me…

We really do love Colorado today. When we moved her for the first time back in 2005, the question on everyone’s mouth was: “Why Colorado? And especially, why Colorado Springs?”…

Right, the States can offer a lot of much larger, more popular, historical cities for one to wish to move to. Why going to a smaller-size city featuring military bases and not much of entertainment to offer, apart from hiking and skiing, if you go for it? ...