Happy Mother’s Day!

I felt like an idiot today. Why? A long story...

Our son was supposed to do some chores last night while also taking care of his sister. His sister has not been very well the last few days  - some respiratory infection with sore throat, dry cough, stuffed nose and fever during the night. Sounds a bit tricky with all the suspicious swine-flu symptoms we are supposed to be on the alert about right now.

So, early yesterday morning we felt we should take her to the Urgent Care, just in case. So, although certain that this current sickness of hers is just another one of the many she has been having now and then, we anyway took her to be checked by doctors. We were given masks, escorted through a a special "possible contamination" entrance, then the whole check with the streptococci test and even a urine test (mind you, both tests are not easy with an 8-year-old girl fighting against any medical invasion into her privacy) and then the results were just what we expected them to be. She was ok. Eligible to exit the through the main entrance. 

We needed a quick life-saving cup of coffee afterwards and at first Trayana seemed to enjoy her hot chocolate, which also allowed us to steal a moment of sanity. Then she suddenly started crying; she said she felt "sad". My guess was the streptococci test was haunting her but she said she also felt “really awwwwful!” (with an exclamation mark). I felt her face and she was hot. We drove home to find out her fever was in the 100s already. 

We were supposed to drive to Denver yesterday, to take part in the award-giving ceremony of the Junior Duck Stamp competition (I wrote about that in a previous post) and that was an event much awaited. No traveling for the girls in the family obviously, so the boys drove alone.

I fought with our daughter's fever and awful nasal congestion; George fought with nasty traffic congestion on their way back from Denver due to car crash on I-25 highway.  Not the fun day we expected to have, by all means…

So, when finally kids at home felt ok in the late afternoon, we decided to take a short break for ourselves and went out to meet some friends for two hours. I anyway felt very guilty for leaving a sick child behind but at the moment of our exiting home, the sick child was running in circles around her baby-sitting brother. Well, we definitely needed a breath of fresh air.

Our baby-sitter/son was instructed to also do some chores: cleaning the dish washer and, if his sister was fine, to vacuum clean the ground floor  – he has always done that readily, no arguments ever. Maybe now it sounded like too much for him?

Well, a couple of hours later we got back to a visibly un-vacuumed home and to a dish washer bursting full of clean dishes (lucky us they were not dirty). The anger that had been building up throughout that not-so-funny day of ours needed to ventilate immediately before any explosion of my soul (and body) to little pieces...

I raised my voice to make myself heard (well, not only for that reason, obviously), insisting that my son explain to me what exactly he was doing "while he was supposed to do his chores". They would have taken him not more that 30 min altogether.

He kept silence and just repeated he was sorry. Sorry? Really?

Well, you can imagine the conversation. I had my moment, then Kal did his chores, ... a bit in the late hours but I wanted to be firm. Then we were ok with each other again but I still felt a bit angry wondering what the heck he did instead of the things he was expected to do.

Well, I got my answer this morning – it was George who showed me what exactly Kal did last night while we were out.

He drew a picture of roses for his mom
. His idiot mom. This is my picture from my son:

So, Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!